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Book Recommendations


Sometimes, it's better to cuddle up with a book and dive into different environmental topics for yourself. Whether you're into nonfiction or want to follow a story, there is a novel for every type of reader. Here are just some of books we find entertaining, insightful, and full of knowledge!

  • Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin W. Kimmerer

Through her engaging and poetic writing, Kimmerer introduces the reader to her native Potawatomi culture and Indigenous worldview. Her book is not only beautiful to read but also raises some fundamental questions about the relationship between humans and nature, and what environmentalism and sustainability really mean. Be prepared to question our society’s and perhaps even your own values and worldview with this mind-opening read!

  • The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

This is one of the only nonfiction books I've ever picked up for fun and I did not regret it. It takes you through Earth's history and the five great extinctions, while also breathing life and emotion into the endangered species and the scientists studying them.

  • This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate by Naomi Klein

To read about all the diverse aspects of environmental policy, this book is for you. Unapologetic and honest, This Changes Everything tackles difficult issues in an understandable way.

  • Kiss the Ground: How the Food You Eat Can Reverse Climate Change, Heal Your Body & Ultimately Save Our World by Josh Tickell

This book is a great read to learn more about soil health and organic agriculture. It is simple enough for anyone to follow yet deep enough to challenge someone who is already familiar with the topic. It also has a great list of practical applications in the back!

  • Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

An apocalyptic tale, that feels more like a prophecy. Having deep ecological themes, it tackles the more spiritual and societal aspects of environmentalism. I read this right before the pandemic hit and it was almost felt too real.

  • Lawn People by Paul Robbins

Paul Robbins takes us through the history and the modern dilemma of lawn culture in America. An interesting topic that I never thought about. After reading this book, I can't look at a lawn the same way again.

  • The Overstory by Richard Powers

It won the Pulitzer in 2019 and rightfully so. Following nine different characters and watch as their stories seamlessly intertwine around trees. This book made me cry twice in its 500 page run with its bittersweet tone and powerful message.

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