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Who We Are & Our Unique Team Members


Ivinia Lucas


Lisa Vinokur  MD

Board Member

Sonja Lewis

Board Member

Amy Valdez Fagan

Board Member

Loniece Wesbee Ningo

Board Member


Social Media Team

Geiziane Santos M.Sc.

Sanitary and Environmental Engineer and M.Sc in Health and Environment. { Social media, Website development, and Outreach }

Roberta Andrade

Student at Valencia College in Orlando, majoring in Geology

Maia Lund

Student at Kennesaw State University, majoring in Journalism and Emerging Media with a minor in Interactive Design

Blog Team

Gwen Aubrac

Student at McGill University, Arts & Science Environment Program ( undergraduate ).

Alexia Tiches

Student at Kenyon College, English and Environmental Studies

Christina Magers

Student at Indiana Wesleyan University, Community Development and Spanish

Ritika Sowda

Student at Christ University Bangalore Karnataka B.Sc Economic Mathematics Statistics'.

Marketing Team

Liv Lerner

Environmental Studies, planning Public Policy and Management, University of Oregon

Sawyer Jones 

Environmental Studies, University of Colorado

Rachel Pittman

Political Science, Colgate University

Ciara Mahan-Brown

Finance and Economics, Grand Canyon University {Website Development}

Curriculum Team

Cassidy Nosenzo

Student at Clemson University, major in Biological Science, minor in Environmental Science Policies and Business Management

Nenned Diop

University of Miami, B. Sc. in Ecosystems Science Policy.

Elaine Wood

Student at Brandman University, majoring in Environmental science.

Naomi Yossef

Masters Degree in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver.

Research Team

Jada Leung

Student at Gordon College, majoring in Psychology and minor in Sustainable Development.

Tara Brew

Tufts University, Cumming School of Veterinary School Medicine, working on MS in Conservation Medicine

Hannah Shakir

Student at Texas A&M University, majoring in Environmental Studies.

Jennifer Cowhig

Student at University of Vermont,  Environmental study major and a double minor in Political Science and Parks, Rec and Tourism

Josie Boehm

Student at Texas State University,  majoring in Geography Resources, and Environmental Studies.

Parris Hunt

Environmental studies at Virginia Commonwealth University

Jai Hansen Chimton

University of Bamenda
B.Sc Chemistry

{ Outreach, Research }

Outreach Team

Wenny J Cruz-Lopez

University of Florida
B.Sc Soil Science
{ Outreach, Research }

Jiwoong Kwon

Hankook University
Computer Electronic System Engineering & Environmental Science

{ Web Development, Outreach }

Jai Hansen Chimton

University of Bamenda
B.Sc Chemistry

{ Outreach, Research }

Chi Raymond

B.Sc Economic Management
M.Ed. Advance Teaching University of Yaounde 

{ Website Development, Outreach }

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