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Anthropogenic impacts

In the lessons about this topic, you and your children will learn about the concept of anthropogenic pollution, its causes, and its effects on the environment and our lifestyle. We also discuss the human activities responsible for environmental destruction and what are the solutions for preventing and mitigating its impacts.

How to apply?

Our lessons can be taught through "The Flipped Classroom" method, the traditional way of learning, by giving the students instructional content outside of the classroom and reviewing the material in class.

The instructors could also conclude the curriculum by using a "Project-Based Learning" strategy, asking students to complete a final project.

About the curriculum

The curriculum is available for kids from K-12 and can be accessed free of charge by schools participating in our sponsorship program. If you are affiliated with a school and would like to find out how to sign up for our sponsorship program please feel free to contact us.


All lessons can be easily integrated into schools' existing science curriculum. They can also be thought of as part of an after-school program, a stand-alone curriculum for parents homeschooling their kids.

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