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Fruit for Life

The Fruit for Life project involves planting fruit trees on school grounds and neighborhoods around the world!

We focus on fruit trees because they are a source of food and shelter for humans and many other species in our ecosystems. 

Studies shows, 55 percent of the world's population do not eat the recommended amount of 400 grams a day of fruits and vegetables. We can change that by planting fruit trees on school grounds and in communities.

Join the Fruit for Life campaign help us reach the goal for planting fruit trees on school grounds and communities. You can help by sending us an email if you identify a community or a school that can benefit from the program. You can plant a fruit tree in your yard and share pictures with us to encourage others to do the same. You can volunteer your time on one of the projects in your area, or you can make a donation to help purchase fruits trees




representing Cameroon


representing Senegal


representing Uganda


representing Gambia 


representing BISSAU


Many think that Johnny Appleseed was just a story in folklore.  However, there was a man whose name was John Chapman who earned the nickname “Johnny Appleseed” because he was determined to plant trees across America.  Historians believe he walked over 100,000 miles planting trees for others to enjoy.  His dream was to produce enough apples so that no one would ever find themselves hungry without a ready source of food.

Like John Chapman, AFE realizes that the earth is capable of providing nutrition and life-sustaining resources.  It is our goal to duplicate Mr. Chapman’s efforts by enlisting the participation of individuals around the world to plant trees that will yield consumable fruit, thus reducing world hunger and food shortages.

The AFE CHALLENGE--An Invitation!:  


We invite every family to plant a fruit tree in honor of our organization's effort to produce food. We continue our mission to save the earth and feed its inhabitants. Here are 4 easy steps:


(1) Check the best planting season window in your area

(2) Select a tree type most likely to flourish. 

(3) Plant your tree seedling or seeds with your creative sign, "I Advocate For Earth!" 

(4) Please take photos of your planting session and forward them through email to:

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