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Advocate For Earth es un movimiento que reúne a personas ambientalmente conscientes para formar iniciativas de base a través de la educación, articulando la conexión entre los hábitos humanos diarios y sus efectos en el medio ambiente. 

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One Million Fruit Tree Project

We are a global leader in providing online

Free Environmental Education Curriculum

Created for K-12 Students.



If you walk a mile along an average US highway, you will see, on average, about 1,457 pieces of litter. 

According to Keep America Beautiful, if every American picked up 152 pieces of litter at the same time, we would have a litter-free nation.


Scientists predict that if the increase in greenhouse gas emissions continues unabated, temperatures will rise by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of this century.


Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours! 

Aluminum can be recycled back to its original form and has a cost-effective recycling process, where it more than pays for its recycling costs and saves 90% more energy than sourcing new aluminum. 

Join Our Campaign:
Help Save Earth "Do One Thing"™

Become a good steward for Earth by being mindful of the choices that you make with your purchasing power and voice.

Send a video or a picture to and encourage others to do the same answering the question:

"What is one thing you do to save the Earth?"!

Zambia School Education

The effort to sustain the earth unveiled an urgent need to level the playing field and educate many underserved people who live in abject poverty and whose lives could be enhanced significantly with first exposure to basic academics.

Realizing that all of these factors are intertwined, AFE courageously began to place in motion the beginning of building a school for some of the children in the village. 


Almost immediately, the school rapidly grew too large for its humble structure with a dirt floor. Parents and grandparents also came in large numbers in hopes that as their children received instruction that they too, as adults, could learn to read, communicate in writing, and consequently live life with promise.


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